You re just too busy, and Im just too lonely. No it s not that you blindly let me be this way, only most of the times I need you. Even in the slightest thing im into. Things were never the same since then, and Im aware about it. It somehow had become one of my routine, to ignore things completely. To forget what it s abt of how I feel. To be okay when there s so much reason not to. I nearly thought that im having depression. Almost everyday I fought with my feelings and left uncured. It never works from that time on.

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I was ought to understand and comply with everything but you seems to never get it when I try the same. Saying how you made an effort to make it to me. But you dont. And I thought I could get to spend a little more time with you but I dont. You made it seems so simple but it hurts inside. How everytime I try not to give a damn about it bcs it s just a waste of my time. But I do. And I cant get over it. I just need some of yr time. To tell you what it s like and share all those stories and all the things I went through, cause you know I just got you. I still remember when I'm in a really bad time and texted you several time as making phone calls might disturb you. Long after that you replied and I lost thought of what I wanted to say ; cause I always hated telling things when I could be fine. There this time I call knowing you re on a vacay and me just needing time as your special one and I got told to not call you when your family is around. And when should I do it then? Bcs you do know you could hardly had time. I just need your time. It s not much, and I promise it ll not take that whole day, cause a minute is just more than none.

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Aku sayang dia
Tapi aku sakit tahan rasa

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I cried.
Who knows
I just missed him
And it s a lot
A lot more than I could

My living diary
Yeah, he should be
Whom I seek
In my fondest thoughts
Who stays tough
Thru my never ending misery

One could have say
He s my deepest love
My one and only
Never that they knew
He s me
And it s never un true

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To that someone who remains silent.
I would still wait.
And you know that.
It s just a date people would say
But for me, it s a day no one could steal away
A day that is for me I'd long if it ever went away
A day that you ought to forget today.

To that someone who remains silent.
Look at the time, it s past 12 now
And you knew the day you have forgotten have become yesterday
And forget this not
The day that have come before today
Is the worst I have ever went thru

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